With 2 BAFTA nominations, plus multiple million-copy-selling console/PC titles to his credit, Vlad has never led any commercially unsuccessful game – making him one of the top producers/creative directors/advisors in the business.

Which begs the question: What’s the story behind this game industry phenom?

In the 90s young Vlad dreamed of being a game developer while playing Spellcross from Cauldron. In 2000 he started a career in the game industry with the express purpose of fulfilling those dreams, leading several years later in 2010 to an appointment as Lead Game Designer/Creative Director at Cauldron/Activision.

From that point on Vlad has worked in lead and executive positions within the gaming industry, focusing on production and creative direction. During this time he started his own studios, Fun 2 Robots and Golem Tree, working as a gamification expert, advisor, and consultant for multiple big companies and the European Union – in addition to selecting and leading 20+ titles, many of which sold over a million units worldwide on PC and consoles.

Yes, pretty impressive.

This experience with and knowledge of leading big projects, along with founding his own gaming studios, came together in his next big position as Lead Producer at NapNok Games. In less than two years Vlad helped their team grow from 15 to 70 employees, successfully developing and launching the studio’s first big production game, Frantics (Sony Europe). This resulted in his first BAFTA nomination in 2018. Vlad then successfully pitched their second big production title, Chimparty to Sony – which of course led to another BAFTA nomination in 2019.

After achieving all established goals with the Danish studio Vlad moved back to the Czech Republic where he turned his focus to his long-term mission: seeking interesting, promising teams and games in order to help them achieve their maximum potential.

In that time he joined Geewa, a Czech mobile games developer, as a Lead Producer, guiding this successful Prague-based studio to reach the cutting edge of the mobile gaming industry. Vlad helped them start a brand new project and establish a high bar for their quality and standards. After half a year he moved from that daily agenda into the role of a hands-on consultant, while in parallel establishing a cooperative relationship with the most successful VR studio in the world, Beat Games.

It was at this time when he began with GoldKnights, helping to transform their smaller indie RPG game into a professional full-scale AA project. Vlad is now fully focused on GoldKnights, with the goal not only of building a successful title with The Last Oricru, but launching the entire IP.

Using all of his 20+ yrs of experience bringing successful games to market with big publishers, Vlad will guide GoldKnights on its mission to build profitable games with a passion. Whether working on their own, original IPs or delivering services as a work-for-hire, under Vlad's and Pavel's (biz partner and Studio Creative director) guidance GoldKnights is set to become one of the top-tier, full-range development companies in the industry.